Fiona Boniwell is an experienced art workshop facilitator offering a portfolio of workshops for all ages.
Whatever your experience level, she welcomes the opportunity to share with you some of the skills she has gathered.

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For Kids

Rigorous illustration classes for kids who want to develop solid drawing skills.

Rolling 10-week terms with a different focus for each round. Participants are welcome at any stage of the term subject to spaces being available; however, each class builds on the previous one so consistent attendance for the full duration of each term is recommended for optimum results. 

Together we’ll explore a variety of drawing techniques and materials while examining the process behind art and illustration from a wide range of artists and genres.

Holiday Workshops | Ages 9+

It’s not always easy to commit to a full term of classes. These short holiday workshops offer an opportunity to try out some of the activities covered in the weekly classes for those not able to commit on a weekly basis.

They also provide time and space to spend longer on areas of particular interest for anyone who may attend regularly.

5-Day workshops — 3 hours per day — during which we’ll spend time on observational drawing exercises and developing formulas to enable drawing from our imagination.

Each day, we’ll examine a different aspect of drawing and observing the world around us. 

We will have regular movement breaks and do some exercises based on developing observation skills. We’ll also spend time looking at work by noteworthy illustrators and artists. 

The goal of these workshops is to get participants excited about making illustrations, about observing and recording their world and to help in developing the ability to focus.


For Teens

Each 10-Week block of classes focuses on a particular aspect of drawing to help in creating lively and engaging illustrations.

The over-arching goals of each session and course are to:

  • Develop observation skills

  • Develop solid drawing skills 

  • Explore a wide variety techniques and materials — traditional and digital

  • Encourage curiosity and adaptability

  • Introduce participants to an exciting array of illustrators, styles and genres 

Fiona has a background in fine art and more recently has collaborated on a number of illutration and mural projects. She draws (excuse the pun) extensively on her eclectic tastes and experience with the intention of getting young people excited about making art.


For Adults

Fiona is an experienced workshop facilitator and enjoys working with people of all ages.

Each adult illustration workshop focuses on specific areas or techniques (see store for details). 

Ideal for both newbs and experienced artists who may want to focus on developing a particular skill or trying a new technique, one-day and/or weekend packages are available. 

Upcoming workshops include one day Life-Drawing Boot-Camp and an introduction to digital drawing for iPad users. 

Fiona’s adult workshops aim to provide both beginners and the more experienced artist who is looking to sharpen their skills with an opportunity to try out new techniques and materials.

She places great importance in tailoring each workshop to your needs and in providing a relaxed friendly atmosphere. 

Classes are small. Traditional materials and light refreshments are included. 

For iPad workshops, you will need an iPad and the following apps:

  • Autodesk Sketchbook

  • Procreate


Summer Course Sketchbooks

Personalised sketchbooks for recording our ideas and observations