Drawing & Illustration Classes | Ages 12+ | 10-week Course


Drawing & Illustration Classes | Ages 12+ | 10-week Course


Drawing Classes for ages 12+ commencing Monday 25th March

4:30-5:45pm | CETNS | Kilnagleary

Please note: Places limited. Payment secures place.
10% discount for siblings. **Contact me a sibling discount code before booking

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Drawing & Illustration For Kids

A rigorous class for kids looking to sharpen their drawing skills and broaden their technical base.

Develop drawing skills alongside powers of observation whilst exploring the wide and varied world of comic art and illustration.

This term we’ll be learning how to people, environments and objects. We’ll do so, looking through the eyes and minds of five top illustrators:

Sergio Toppi, Moebius, Bernie Wrightson, Harry Clarke and Todd McFarlane will be the highlighted illustrators for this term.